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Perched at a Table in Pittsburgh

We encounter Our Character early one morning writing a performance piece in Pittsburgh. Or are we at that actual performance when we encounter her? Well, one thing is for sure, amazing and odd things just seem to happen when she sits down to write. Right before her eyes, with an audience watching her, a gray furry cat has run up a tree and is staring right at her. A large red cat is right behind him, but can’t climb as high- what will happen? It is a little harder to write when other people are in the kitchen, but don’t feel bad- no really, you are invited; she may have seemed a little unwelcoming at first, but there must have been some mix up with the time. Together you can explore what an audience really wants, the importance of thinking events over, the nature of seduction and confidence, and subtleties of creating dance moves in the morning. So, really, you don’t have to leave.

(Performed at the Whole Gallery and the Undercroft 2019. Video recording by Dan Zinkevich and Andy Shenker)

Artist House

"Artist House" is a tale of a woman in her studio/ home/ on a stage where she encounters and faces head-on many challenges: writer’s block, self doubt about her stand-up comedy routine being funny, audience members trying to get too intimate, a visit from a friend who won’t give her any phoophoo nuts, exposing her intentions too fast, and destroying things she deeply cares about. Luckily, she is able to “wriggle her way out of this  ensnaring self doubt with some music,” and keep it moving.

(Performed at the Copy Cat 2017. Video recorded by Hoesey Corona)

The Refrigerator Was Making Crazy Noises 

The Refrigerator is Making Crazy Noises reflects an arrangement of thoughts a person has when inspired in the middle of the night. These thoughts are stylized and self conscious of the act of writing, and contain musings on editing, promises to self, fashion, and not being in love with everything. With a recurring mystery punchline "This is a full term baby!" and other lines delivered sporadically, we watch our performer navigate through common and uncommon phrases with an urgency to translate something. Garnished with song, dance, and even a flailing sock puppet, she narrates these phrases and also connects with the audience by talking about and delivering letters to them.

First performed at the Holy Underground in 2014, then on tour in Pittsburgh, Rochester, Toronto, Quebec and Providence. Sound recording by Aaron Smith.

Decision is a Choice

You, the audience member, have entered the artist's private/extroverted space, which has the air of backstage, painter's studio, and bedroom. The artist warms up, draws, works on a piece of art made mostly out of fabric, dances, sings, and makes an audio recording of a play, all with the cherished company of mysterious, mysterious audience members. The audio play is about conversation, how things are very funny and not funny, clarity, and profound longing. The song is about how you can love a lover, friends, and doing different kinds of work.

Originally performed with guest stars: Jenny Sage, Carrie Fucile, John Alex Lind, and Whitney Simpkins.

Performed as part of "Puss Fusst" Nov. 2012, The "12 12 12 Show" in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Redline, Dec. 12, 2012, as part of the opening of Ink Press Productions in spring of 2013, as part of the Martha Wison exhibit at the INOVA gallery in Milwaukee in Aug. 2013, and as part of Gabfestry in Machias Maine in Aug. 2013. (see

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